Online Counselling during Covid-19

We offer Skype and Zoom sessions during this time of mandatory social distancing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Unless there is a lockdown in SA with restrictions for going out, Sue is seeing clients face to face, within social distancing rules. Thomas is only doing online consultations, as he lives in Melbourne now.

Most of our clients report that doing online counselling is equally, or as effective as face to face counselling. As counsellors we have also been surprised how well our clients have been able to transition to this new online mode of counselling.

Contact details online

Dr Thomas Dellmann

Zoom contact ID

Skype contact: thomas.dellmann

Sue Kentish

Skype contact:  susankentish

How to use Zoom

Just click the hyperlink of our Zoom contact and you will go to the ‘waiting room’. When the counsellor is ready the video will start. If you have never used Zoom before clicking the hyperlink will download the Zoom app/software.

How to use Skype

If you have never done Skype sessions before, you need to download Skype at

Then you can search for our user names to make contact